About Studio You

We are a team that come from different cultures with diverse and valuable skills and experiences. Combined in unity our knowledge is better shared as we work closely together preparing the start of this exciting new project.

Our goal is to create rewarding new modelling opportunities for anyone wanting to work with us in our studio or in the comfort of their own home.

We provide simple and effective training for everyone and flexible payment schedules.

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You Can Expect

Our Goal is to make sure you're successful

We focus our energies on quality not quantity which is why we are selective choosing models to work with. If you are selected, and you listen to our advice, and stick to our simple programme you have our commitment and you will be a very successful model enjoying the rewards that come with it. Expect fornightly pay and incentives that actually motivate you.

First class model training and support services

We believe in keeping things simple and sticking to what we say which is why our models won’t find any unexpected surprises. Our team are all experienced models with over 30 years of experience. We go through a clever fun and simple induction process together before introducing you as a new model. It is very important we create your image and character and discuss any ideas together.

Help for New Models

We know that new models need new outfits, costumes, shoes and makeup to look and feel their very best. We provide a range of outfits and we also buy items we agree will help the model make the best start they possible can. If you need something that is going to help you. We will help you get it.

Creating future opportunities

We are always looking to develop and grow our studio project and we need models to understand that they too could be involved in building and creating designer studios and successful groups of professionally managed models themselves. Like any project that grows and develops so does the team and the important individuals within it.

S7 Studio Student Culture

Studio You looks forward to the opportunity to work with any creative and money motivated students who would appreciate the flexibility and support the studio can provide.

Studio You understands how hard it is for students to support themselves and their study commitments at the same time and we welcome the opportunity to help any student that works in our team.

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Model Application / Contact Us

Grow with our brand, our culture and our ethos.
Become a Studio You model

Please kindly fill out our simple form here, and select your preferences providing us with as much information as possible including any questions you might have for the studio. This will help the members of our team prepare for when we contact you directly to discuss things further.

The Studio also prefers to communicate with any potential model via Skype/Video Call after any initial discussions. This helps put your mind at rest and helps us all to not waste anyone’s time. We welcome any questions or queries and we look forward to speaking with you.

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